•Mentally Intoxicated •Sleep

You’re so fucking stupid Jazmin. Did you really think he’d be waiting for you guys to get back together? When he’s clearly doing him and most likely talking to other girls? Were you that fucking stupid to believe bullshit? You asked him to be straight up yet did he tell you anything? No. He’s a fucking boy Jazmin. He won’t understand you not what you’d like for a change, ever. Stop making the same mistakes when in the end you know damn well deep inside where you stand. Don’t you ever let your heart make your moves. Think. For once fucking think. Never sleep with him ever because more or less you can be his booty call. Don’t put yourself in that situation again. Be like him, stop envying his capability of moving on.. Do it. Actions speak louder than words. If he can be laughing and full of smiles with his friends, his friends not you; do the same. Don’t keep waiting for some bullshit that isn’t going to happen. Stop letting things get to you. Stop loving him and for once let go.

I hope I get my wish..

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